Localization of Atelier B interface


In order to ease the B method adoption, Atelier B is aimed at being localized in several countries.


Support for UTF caracters

Support for UTF-16 caracters entitles to write models by using non-ASCII identifiers (variables, constants, operations) / comments.


Messages & Dialogs

The translation of the GUI messages is based on Qt Linguist.

Around 2000 messages are distributed in 3 files:

  • atb.ts: messages from Atelier B GUI
  • bbatch.ts: messages from headless, process-based tool
  • bwidgets.ts: latests additions, including all peripheral tools like Bart, ComenC, etc.

Ongoing Work

Atelier B 4 GUI is already available in English and French (the language used by the GUI depends on the language used by your Operating System).

Atelier B 4 GUI has been translated in:

  • Brazilian Portuguese: translation performed by Aryldo Russo [AeS/Sao Paulo], proof-reading by Haniel Barbosa [UFRN/Natal]
  • Japanese: translation by Takuya Sawada [Hokkaido Electronics Corporation, Sapporo]